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Name: Mytho / Siegfried He’ll be going by Siegfried Meier (or just Ried)
Canon: Princess Tutu
Age: 18, just finishing his freshman year of college.
Preincarnation Appearance:
Any differences: His hair is now a very pale blond and a touch curly.

Occupation: Student, freshman, Elledell college

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
Lots of stuff! )
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OOC Information:
Name: Fran
Are you over 15? Rather
Contact: Frandenut on AIM or [ profile] frannyan

IC Information:
Name: Mytho / Siegfried He’ll be going by Siegfried Meier (or just Ried)
Canon: Princess Tutu
Age: In canon, it’s unknown since he’s a character in a book and doesn’t age. Reincarnated, 18, just finishing his freshman year of college.
Preincarnation Appearance:
Any differences: His hair is now a very pale blond and a touch curly.

Preincarnated History:
The world of Princess Tutu is a world held in thrall by the writings of a dead man, Drosselmeyer, who spins his story that controls the fates of all inside the town. The last story he was writing before he died, the Prince and the Raven, was never finished, leaving the title pair locked in eternal combat until the Raven broke free of the story. Following, the Prince shattered his own heart to seal the Raven away, and fell into the outside world, the town where the story's author, Drosselmeyer had lived.

After falling from the story, the prince, now without emotions or memory, winds up in the care of a young boy, Fakir, and his adoptive father, who recognizes the prince as the one from the story from his lack of heartbeat. Rather than call him "prince" Fakir gives him the name Mytho, from Mythos/mythology.

It's soon discovered that lack of heart and memory means that the only thing left of the prince is his desire to protect the small and weak without any thought for himself. After getting hurt running into a burning building to save a bird, Fakir demands that Mytho only do what Fakir tells him to and not do anything unnecessary that would get him hurt.

Mytho is also discovered by a young girl, the same age as Fakir, named Rue, who believes she is a raven, like the prince’s storybook enemy. Rue is told by the sealed Raven that the only one who can love someone like her is the Prince Who Loves Everyone from the story, and that he would be her husband. Desperate for love and acceptance, Rue spends what time she can steal away from her father with Mytho, showing off her dancing for his approval. Remembering Fakir's demands, Mytho often wanders away from Rue before she wants him to leave, starting a resentment between the two children.

Fast forward to when Mytho, Fakir and Rue enter a dancing school. Mytho has not aged at all and now appears to be the same age as Fakir and Rue. The pair continue to fight over his attention, Fakir not wanting Mytho to spend time with Rue and Rue being very determined that he will. Eventually a tense truce between the two emerges where Fakir will allow Rue to spend time with Mytho as long as she does not call him "Prince" and that she not harm him.

A year or so after the trio enters the school, Drosselmeyer, despite being dead, appears to a young duck who admires the heartless prince and wants to see him smile, and offers her a role in the story as Princess Tutu, the one to restore the shards of the prince's heart to him. The duck, Ahiru, gains the form of a human girl as well as a pendant that allows her to transform into Princess Tutu and begins tracking down the shards of Mytho's heart which are wandering the town, latching on to people who feel that emotion and amplifying it.

The first shard she returns is that of frustration that was possessing an anteater girl who, under the influence of the shard, decided to make Mytho her boyfriend. Mytho, having no emotions and being very suggestible as result, offered no resistance, letting her literally carry him off.

After the second shard, loneliness, is returned, Fakir and Rue realize that Mytho is regaining his heart and both of them very strongly believe that Mytho should not get his heart back. Fakir even goes as far to order Mytho not to get his heart back, and demands that Rue stay away from him, believing that Rue is the source of Mytho regaining his heart.

As Mytho regains the feeling of Sorrow, Rue sees Tutu in action and starts looking into the story, as Fakir gets more angry and over protective, telling Mytho only to listen to his commands and not to go near Rue. When it looks like Mytho isn't going to do what Fakir says, he locks him up in a room in the library, telling Ahiru that he'll keep Mytho locked in the darkness until he forgets how to feel again. When a lamp spirit, possessed by the shard of affection spirits him away, Ahiru as Tutu frees him and sends him off to the Fire Festival where Rue is waiting. When Rue sees the kindness in his eyes, she gets frightened and runs away.

The next emotion returned if that of Fear, which leaves Mytho screaming and clinging to Fakir, saying that he's afraid of Tutu. Fakir hides Mytho away in a small abandoned home, staying with him and saying he'll protect him from Tutu. However, when Fakir leaves for a moment, the shard of Curiosity spirits Mytho away to the bottom of the river. But before the shard can be returned, Princess Kraehe appears and steals it away.

The next day, Rue finds the shard in her room and faces the fact that she is Kraehe. Mytho gets a note from Ahiru and is determined to go to talk to her, thinking she may know something about Tutu, despite Fakir ordering him not to, leading to Fakir slapping Mytho in desperation. Horrified at what he's done, Fakir realizes he can no longer stop Mytho with words and retrieves the prince's sword to shatter Mytho's heart once more to stop the story from progressing. Tutu begs him not to, and Fakir agrees that since Mytho wants his heart back, he won't stand in his way and will protect him. This, by no means indicates that he will work happily with Tutu and he yells at her when she stands by as Rue battles with her identity as Kraehe, saying that if he needs to, he would kill Rue and Tutu to protect Mytho if he had to. Mytho holds him back and tells Tutu to run, which she does.

Losing the pendent that allows her to be a human girl, Ahiru follows Fakir, who has picked it up, and finds out about when Mytho first arrived to their world, and hears Fakir say he just wants to protect the kind hearted Mytho who does everything for everyone else.

Mytho, wanting to know what Tutu thinks of him, gets her a gift, a pendant called "Love". Jealous, Rue takes the pendent and places a curse upon it that binds Tutu with her love for Mytho. While she's held captive, Rue as Kraehe pulls out the shard of Love that Tutu had been returning, sending Mytho into a near catatonic state. She then spirits him away to her lair, where he shows even less will than he had before he started regaining his shards. Setting the stage for what Kraehe calls the final battle, she lures Fakir and Ahiru to her stage, trying to trick Tutu into confessing her love for Mytho, as once she does, she will disappear. Despite not being able to speak of her love, Tutu's dancing draws Mytho's out of his catatonic state and Kraehe accepts defeat, retreating into the night.

However, before the contest, Kraehe soaked the shard of love in the blood of the Raven, and Mytho begins to lose himself to its taint, becoming the Raven Prince and going after the pure hearts of those around him to offer them up to the Raven as a sacrifice. At first, Mytho seems briefly aware of this change and tries to fight it off, but is soon lost to the Raven's blood. The change in his personality is drastic, as he goes as far as to make it look as if Fakir pushed him out of the window, destroying the prized possession of the dance instructor and saying that he plans on giving his heart to the Raven as a sacrifice when it's restored.

There are only small glimpses of his original personality as the Raven Prince continues to try and seduce those around him. Whenever Princess Tutu shows up, the Raven prince falters, eyes wavering between the tainted red and Mytho's normal gold. He becomes irrational and over emotional, often screaming at her and his intended victim as Tutu rescues them. For the most part, the Raven's blood completely overpowers Mytho's original self, until the shard of Pride is returned. As a prideful prince, Mytho cannot let the Raven's blood control him and the two halves of himself seem to battle it out when he's seen, the Raven Prince still more powerful, but losing more ground.

Finally, the taint of the Raven’s Blood is too strong, and Mytho transforms into a man-sized raven himself. He seems almost childlike in this state, the hate of the Raven Prince gone, confusion and a crow’s instincts in its place. Seeing how far he’s gone, Rue starts to strongly regret everything she’s done, and Ahiru convinces her to trust in Mytho and allow the last shards that she has found to be released and go to him. When they are, The Raven is released and calls the transformed Mytho to him to devour his heart, but Rue screams out her love for him, offering herself in exchange for him in her first truly selfless act, breaking the hold of the blood over the prince, returning him to himself. To rescue Rue, Mytho asks for his last shard from Ahiru; the shard of Hope in the pendant that allows her to transform. His heart fully restored, he recalls his true name, Siegfried, and rescues Rue from inside the Raven. Together with her, the Raven is destroyed and the spell cast over the town broken.

After, the group finds the machine that was allowing Drosselmeyer to control the story of the town from behind the grave, and Mytho and Rue go back into the storybook world.

Reincarnated History Siegfried all in all has had a very uneventful life. An only child, he grew up in a suburb of Locke City. His father commuted to the city while his mother worked part time in town, always home for him after school. A little sheltered, Siegfried preferred the world of books to the world outside and almost always had a book with him, even when outside. Summers were spent in the tree house his father built, reading fairy tales and fantasy stories or just watching the birds. The birds always fascinated him, and his parents encouraged his interest, getting him field guides and other books, leading to a great love of learning and science. Even in elementary school he could rattle off facts about birds and flight, sometimes to the great annoyance of his classmates who wished he’d shut up and go back to reading. Which he often did.

As he progressed in school, books of fantasy stories and fairy tales were soon replaced by textbooks, Siegfried absorbing knowledge like a sponge and breezing through his coursework to graduate a year early, starting college in a small private school in Locke city.

First Echo: While attempting to climb a tree to sit in and read, he slipped, falling out of the tree and onto the ground below. The sensation of falling was just enough to trigger a canon echo of when he had fallen from the dorm window. When he picked himself up, the book he had been carrying had been joined by another titled “The Prince and the Raven” by Drosselmeyer. The inside of the book, however, was blank [because lol spoilers]

Preincarnation Personality:

"Trying to protect all weak thing and hurting himself, even going as far as to lose his heart. That is the Prince's fate."

Mytho starts the series as an emotionless doll who can feel nothing, not even cold or pain, and only reacts when something small or weak is in danger. The Prince who Loves Everyone, Mytho shows no regard for his own safety when protecting others and often has to be rescued himself. In flashbacks, he's seen protecting a puppy from boys throwing stones at it by shielding it with his body and running into a burning building to rescue a caged bird (and then falling out of the window himself). Even in the first episode, he goes out on the ledge of the roof with a busted ankle to protect a fledgling bird from a crow and winds up falling from a 3rd story window doing so. Self preservation is not something he ever seems to possess and he is very willing to sacrifice himself for the well being of others.

His personality itself is still mostly developing past that compassion and need to protect. Because his heart is shattered, he, in theory, should have no emotions. Yet bits of his true self still linger; his dedication to save and protect the weak, his compassion for others and bits of curiosity. But because his heart is gone, all but his dedication to protect are weak.

Very docile, Mytho is very suggestible and will often do whatever he's told to unless it goes directly against something he wants to do. He's even willing to shatter his heart again because Fakir wants him to, and only Princess Tutu begging him not to stops him. However, he is not utterly without will. Often, minutes after Fakir has left after giving him orders to stay put, he will wander away, drawn to something, such as a bird outside his window. Fakir repeatedly tells him not to do “useless” things that would endanger him, yet Mytho continues to do them. All his apologies are automatic and without meaning, since he has no concept of regret or way to truly be sorry for the trouble his thoughtless actions repeatedly cause. Because he doesn’t understand that what he does upsets Fakir, he continues. In truth, his will is subtle and non confrontational. Later, when he has more of his heart back, he gains a more stubborn will in regards to things he wants, like getting his heart back or going to see Tutu. When he is being willful, he is very determined and will not let anything stop him, an echo of his full personality.

In many respects, he’s like a Disney princess, to the point that birds come when he calls them. Because of his lack of heart, he has a naive purity to the point where he wanders around in his and Fakir’s shared room wearing nothing but an over-sized shirt, sometimes even less.

Mytho is also very quiet and soft spoken. He speaks very little, mostly answering in one word or a short sentence, and is almost never the first to speak. When he does speak, his voice is soft and without any force behind it. Yet despite this quiet blankness, he’s not shown to be stupid. He seems very aware of things, and even without his curiosity, asks Ahiru questions about her behavior toward him. Because of the routine that he, Fakir, and Rue have fallen into and their possessive and isolating behaviors, there’s little that he has to say to them and no one else he talks to before Ahiru worms her way in. It’s through her interaction with him that the audience sees that there is more than just a mechanical doll in the heartless prince.

As he gains back more of his heart, Mytho gains even more determination and a sense of how things should be. When the shard of pride returns after his heart had been tainted by the Raven’s blood, his original personality is strengthened by it, leading to small moments where his true self breaks through, fighting back against the blood and insisting that as a prideful prince, he cannot allow the Raven Prince that the Blood had turned him into to continue to do as he wills. When the taint is cleared and he’s restored as Siegfried, he’s every inch a storybook prince, noble of will and deed, touched deeply by the strength of Ahiru’s heart and sacrifice, willing to go to any extent to save Rue and defeat the Raven. He’s dedicated and determined, gracious and kind. But he’s still naive in many respects, even worrying that he might still be tainted because he wants to love Rue more than others. As a storybook character, Siegfried is a near impossible ideal, the perfect prince charming and hero.

Any differences: Siegfried grew up with a heart and emotions, a major difference from the heartless Mytho who had no implication to have ever even had a childhood, being a character in a book. He also grew up a regular child, not a prince. As such, he’s far more of a “real” person that Mytho ever was. He has interests, emotions and a will of his own that often doesn’t involve the opinions of others at all. While still kindly, he doesn’t put himself at risk for every stray like his previous self did. He has restraint and an over developed awareness of consequences, so there’s none of that running into a burning building to save a bird stuff going on. In fact, for the most part, Siegfried is about as detached from the small and weak as he is from the rest of the world, a side effect of the well intentioned over sheltering from his parents. A passive observer, Siegfried’s world is in books. The princely heroics lay only in his imagination and rarely ever emerge into the real world.

Abilities: Mytho managed to live, basically frozen in time with no heartbeat for many years while his heart was shattered. He didn’t age, he didn’t change and despite looking like he was going to, he didn’t die no matter how badly he got hurt.

As Siegfried, he is a master swordsman and is able to summon a cloud of pink flower petals [seen here & here]that can carry him where he needs to go in proper dramatic fashion. He also can summon his sword, which can transform into two swans and fly away (when it breaks, this happens and later when he calls the sword back after getting all of his heart, the sword is like new again) Also in silly princely summons, he can transform into his princely outfit on demand, because it’s dramatic and Drosselmeyer is a hack writer. He’s also able to shatter his own heart with his sword and use those shards to seal away something/someone, which is how the story of the Prince and the Raven ended.

Mytho also is an amazing dancer, able to do impossible leaps and gravity defying moves in his dance.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person:

Siegfried idly watched the birds fluttering out the window as his mother talked on the phone. It wasn’t as if he wasn’t paying attention, but the conversations were always the same. How are your studies going, Siegfried? Are you taking care of yourself? Eating well? Yes, mother. Always, mother. It was the same routine, the same conversation, his mother worrying and fretting as he repeated the assurances that he was fine. The words didn’t matter. They never did. Next she would invite him to move in back home, offer to drive him to campus for his classes and he would point out that would be too much of a stress on her to have to drive him all the time when there were so many things he needed to get done on campus.

Sometimes he wondered what would happen if he told her that he didn’t want to move back home.

There was a difference where he was now. Something he could almost feel in the air, like something was starting to happen and he was the only one who could feel it. To go back home, to that carefully scripted and sculpted world where his only freedom lay in the treehouse in the backyard...

“Siegfried honey? Are you there?”

“Yes, Mother,” he replied automatically, eyes refocusing on the birds outside his window. “I’m listening.”

“You just got quiet. Is everything all right?”

“Yes, Mother. I’m just going through my notes since there’s a test tomorrow.”

“Another one? They really do work out too hard in that horrid school. Really, Siegfried, you should move back home. The house is so empty without you here... maybe this weekend you can come home. Mother will make you all your favorites for dinner...”

One of the jays hopped to another branch before spreading its wings and flying away.

“I have to go, Mother. I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.”

“Eh? So soon? Siegfried...”

“Good bye, mother...”

He exhaled slowly as he hung up the phone.

Someday, he would tell her. Someday.

Roleplay Sample - Network:

[[The image that shows up is a Firefox window, set on Google. Someone tried looking up the numbers in the search bar, it would seem.

The next search is for “The Prince and the Raven” followed by the same title in German. Then the name Drosselmeyer. Then a few combinations of title and author name. There’s a pause before a new search is entered: “Getting away from your controlling parents.”

This one actually gets results.]]

Any Questions?


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What does it mean when your Heart beats, but still holds no emotion...? All I can feel is it beating...
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Dancing in the streets~ )

[[There's a moment of silence, Mytho's hand over where most would have a heart, expression vacant as always, but with a touch of a lost look.]]

It made a sound...
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[[Mytho's sitting outside under a tree, gently petting the fluffy mass that is Fakir's Mareep that's in his lap. As always, his expression is vacant and devoid of emotion, which may be best for the situation at hand.]]

Fakir... your pokemon came here... does that mean you're gone?

[[ooC: For the breeding house folk, Mytho is still in town, he just hasn't been at the house or work for... probably the past two weeks since he was adopted by Kuja and Ritz.]]
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[[Mytho's sitting in his room at the inn, in just that oversized white button down shirt of his that he arrived in, a small pile of 6 blue and white eggs in his lap (obscuring the fact that he is, yet again, pantsless). His swablue is perched on his shoulder, looking a bit embarrassed and flustered at the whole thing.

When he speaks, his voice is soft and emotionless as always.]]

She made a lot of eggs... Fakir says I can't keep them since there's too many to take care of. I need to find them homes...

[[ooC: Eggs are all spoken for!]]
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[[the video comes on with a bit of a jostle, the camera pointing up to the branches of a tree that it's apparently under. From the view of the white haired wisp of a boy in the branches, it looks like the gear fell out of his pocket and turned itself on on impact. It's hard to tell what he's doing up there, but his pokemon can be heard near by]]

Swa! Swaa swaa swablu!! [He's going to fall! Aaaa! This isn't good this isn't good, he's going to fall!

Piiiidgey pidge. [He's done this how many times? Are you going to panic every one?

Swa swa swa swaaaaaaaaaablu!! [But what if he faaaaaaaaaaaalls!!]

Taillow. [Then we'll catch him]

[[This just seems to prompt more flailing from the swablu. Mytho has stopped his climbing and seems to be putting something carefully into a nest. A moment later, he's starting his slow climb back down when the inevitable occurs: one of the branches his foot is on gives way and he starts to tumble from the tree. It's not even a second before there's a flutter and all three of his pokemon rush him in a flurry of wings, each grabbing on to his shirt and hefting up.

Only the flailing Swablu happens to know Fly and in it's panic seems to be hauling his trainer up up and away....

With a grumpy flutter, his Taillow zooms down to grab his gear, shutting it off. Replies will come once Mytho is safely back on the ground again. Wherever that winds up being.]]
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[[Despite being told to stay put in New Bark, Mytho has somehow made it to Cherrygrove. He's fully dressed this time, Taillow on his shoulder, and another pokeball in his hands.]]

There's a lot of fighting... Fighting just to fight, not fighting to protect and the animals get hurt... [[looks at the pokeball in his hands]] This one was being hurt too... I don't know how to fix it.
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[[There are two faces when the video turns on, one a rather expressionless boy with gold eyes, the other a far more alert looking Taillow that seems to be instructing the boy how to use his gear. There’s some chirping from the pokemon that the boy seems to be listening intently to before he nods.]]

And this will help me find Fakir...?

[[his voice sounds about as ethereal as he looks, soft and without any emotion or force behind it.

The pokemon again chirps and flutters its wings.

Mytho nods, yet continues to just observe the gear as if trying to figure it out, prompting another chirp.]]

Like a crystal ball... [[despite the realization that statement should have carried, his voice was still blank with little inflection. And again, he continues to just look at the gear. If he looks long enough, maybe it’ll show him something.

Only before it does, he turns as there's a rustle of feathers as a cluster of Murkrow pass behind him. So he'll instead be staring at those when someone replies.]]

[[for those in New Bark, Mytho is standing around wearing nothing but an oversized white button down shirt that thankfully is just long enough to cover what it needs to cover... as long as the wind isn’t blowing.]]
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... )
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Please use this post for all contact that can't be done via PM. I think anon is enabled... if not, hit me with a sock puppet.
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Mytho's canon dialog:

Episode 1:

"Betsu ni" [not really]
"Un" [okay]
"Ashi" [foot]
"Gomen" [sorry]
"wakaranai" [don't know]
"arigatou" [thank you]
"Kimi wa...boku no namae o..." [you... my name...]
"kimi wa dare" [who are you?]

Episode 2:
"Betsu ni" 2x
"Suki demo, kirai demo nai to omoui kedo" ("I neither like or dislike it, I think)
"Betsu ni" 2x
"Sou ka na" (is that so)
"Betsu ni"
"doushitan darou... kono kimochi..." [What's wrong (I wonder)... this feeling...]

Episode 3:
"Rue no koto ga suki" (prompted repeat)
"honto no suki" (prompted)
"un" (sure)
"tabun na" (probably)
"'suki' de kimochi wakaranai kedo [but the only people who will tell me what I should do are Rue and Fakir]"
"Mytho de ii" (just Mytho is fine)
"Why are you making such a strange face?"
"Fakir and Rue don't say things like that"
"nani o"
"Asoko" (over there)
"so na no" (is that so)
"douzo" (go ahead)
"arigatou, princess tutu"
"iiya" (nothing)
"Princess Tutu"
"She touched me"

. . .

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